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Bristol - True Street Challenge  EFI nationals  

Brawlin' At Bristol - True Street Challenge
Editor Hunkins insists that the reason for Jeff Nance's first round woes lie with the Hot Rod Power Tour sticker on his window. Hmm, there could be something to that. Stranger things have happened...

Jeff Nance insists that it had far more to do with the Bristol track having "teeth" that day!   Combine that with the fresh clutch, new lower gear, and brand new Mickey Thompson ET streets on the '92 Vette and the IRS wheel spindle just couldn't hold all the Speed Engineering torque.

The reason for keeping the Hot Rod power tour sticker was that the NMCA required it to be eligible to compete in their EFI race series.  Was Jeff the first guy able to get the words "Hot Rod Power Tour" printed in GMHTP?  Hmm, there could be something to that...

Johnny Hunkins took notice when Jeff did a dry hop after heating up the M/T's and pulled the tires off the ground.  I think it caught him off guard so not wanting to miss it again he ran up to this position only to get this picture when the left rear spindle failed.  Jeff hated for the failure to happen at such an inopportune time but was glad it didn't happen at the end of the 1/4 mile where the most damage would have occurred.  The car was looking great and I am sure Johnny would have gotten an excellent shot of the wheels up.  Too bad he didn't get the dry hop wheelie.

This True Street race had the most successful format out of all the races we have participated in

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