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F-Body Customers

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Late model GM F-bodies have become one of the most popular cars to modify in this generation.  We custom tailor to each customer to get the type of performance they are looking for.  Some people want all the horsepower possible and a lot of folks try to get the most power on a  budget.  Whether you are looking for a record setting, race winning f-body or just a quick street car we can help you.  Here are a few examples of  F-bodies we have done.

Learn more about our customers and their experiences with us.

Joe Anderson - Heads and Cam '99 Hugger Orange SS, Hixson, TN
Joes car is the epitome of a Speed Engineering car.  It is a Daily Driver, with full options and gets 28 mpg with a 4.10 gear and 26" tires.  It also held the record for the quickest stock short block LS1 F-body in the country sporting a 6 speed, hydraulic cam, and no power-adders.  The hydraulic roller cam is a Speed Engineering custom grind piece that puts the area under the curve.  It has been labeled the 7-11 cam.  Other companies may make a few more peak horsepower, but they can't touch the area under the curve and that is what wins races.  This car has been 10.76 in the 1/4 Mile with a 6.88 1/8 Mile and a 1.46 60 Foot.

SS on a hard launch cutting a 1.46 short time with the NA 346 Heads and Cam '99 Hugger Orange SS with bogarts and denso iridium plugs at Beach bend raceway '99 Hugger Orange SS looking sharp in the shade


Elesha Walker - bolt-ons '02 WS6, Cleveland, TN
Elesha ordered her Trans Am exactly how she wanted it, Fully Loaded.  It is a gorgeous car which is also very special to Speed Engineering.  Back in 2001 when we got 400 RWHP with an  LS6 motor we decided we should and could do it with an LS1 and we did.  We started in 2002 with Elesha's Stock Trans Am and added our LS1 X-Package.  In the end her car made 400.7 RWHP and 401.6 RWTQ.  That is the first and only bolt-ons only LS1 in the world to get to 400 RWHP.  To learn more check out the X-Package page.

This car was modified EXCLUSIVELY by Speed Engineering

Many long hours burning the midnight oil to get this power with a bone stock LS1 longblock
x package at the track
Pewter Ram Air 02 WS6 Cleveland, TN
record LS1 power '02 WS6 400 rwhp trans am, Cleveland, TN   4" exhaust Real wheel horsepower


Shane Norton - LT1 tripleX  '95 383 Trans Am, East Ridge, TN
Shane came to Speed Engineering looking for the most power he could get out of his street driven LT1.  We started with a 383 rotating assembly along with a set of Speed Engineering Ported AFR heads and one of our custom ground cams.  We then finished it with a variety of bolt ons and our Tuning.  His car put down 467 RWHP and 444 RWTQ, with a naturally aspirated daily driven LT1.

This car was modified EXCLUSIVELY by Speed Engineering

King LT1 All motor, daily driven '95 383 Trans Am 6 speed awesome LT1 power


Valerie Prestwood - bolt-ons '97  Z28 Hardtop Camaro, Hixson, TN
Valerie's car uses only bolt-ons with an internally stock LT1 to blast her daily driven, full weight street car to a 7.88 1/8 mile.

Rare Hardtop car 7.88 in the 1/8 mile typical power curve for an automatic with a stall


Wes Steele - mild bolt-ons '97 LT1 Camaro Z28, Red Bank, TN
This clean 30th anniversary Z carries the Speed Engineering prototype 4" exhaust, which is the lightest, best fitting, best ground clearance, best sounding and  most powerful F-body exhaust on the planet.  Check out our Services page for more info on our X-Package Exhaust.

Speed Spec clutch, BMR, SLP cold air, X package exhaust makin laps on the Bristol motor speedway  


Jared Shreve - Supercharged Stroker '96 LT1 Camaro SS, Shelbyville, TN
A great looking Berger clone sporting an AFR headed 383 with an intercooled ProCharger, 4" exhaust and of course our custom dyno tune.  Car number 74 of 2400 total built.  With only 6 psi of boost this car pulls very strong with the help of the 4.10 geared Moser 12 bolt.

Procharged Intercooled 383 LT1, AFR , LT4 intake LT1 SS 4" exhaust, Moser 12 bolt  



Thank you for visiting Speed Engineering and Dyno's F-Body Customers Section. We hope this site will help to show you what we can offer for your late model car or truck. We offer many different services ranging from tune-ups to full performance engine builds. If you want the best service and tuning possible, then give us a call or send an e-mail. We will be more than happy to get you a quote on any part or talk with you about a full package. No matter what, Speed Engineering can meet your needs. Whether it is an aftermarket cold air intake, a Speed Engineering custom built 4" cat-back exhaust, a 400 RWHP bolt-on only X-Package, or a 427+ cubic inch blown monster. You have found the right place!

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