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Low Speed

No matter what Speed you need to go, we can Engineer the best combination.


Off Roading is gaining popularity with warp speed.  The GM LSx style Vortec engines are a great powerplant for the Rock Crawling crowd. 

We are currently building a 6 liter LQ4 truck engine to be used in the King Of the Hammers (KOH) race. This race incorporates both Extreme Rock Crawling and a high speed sprint across the Desert.  A successful king of the hammers powerplant will have BOTH low speed 4x4 manners as good as or better than stock combined with the Appropriate power necessary to spin the 47" LTB Super Swamper tires through the tough spots as well as sustain 120 + mph across the sand.


Super Swamper LTB TSL Tires, Low Speed Engineering, Buggy Engine, Buggy Dyno, Ultimate Rock buggy Motor
6.0  LQ4 / LQ9

Crawler 1   460 hp
Crawler 2   560 hp
Stroker Packages

Crawler 1   560 hp
Crawler 2   660 hp
KOH 2010 LSE


The powerplant will consist of our LSE "Crawler 1" custom grind cam, LSE B2T ported cylinder heads, cooling accy kit, and some LSE Custom long tube buggy headers

This Buggy has the GM 4L80e, LSE Custom 4x4 Torque Converter designed to work with the Ton Axles, and Atlas 4 speed transfer case as the drivetrain and is being designed as an LCG (low center of gravity) chassis machine

This Buggy owner has friends that have won the Top Truck Challenge (TTC) and placed very well in the King Of The Hammers events.

Low Speed engineering can provide both brand new crate engine/tranny combos as well as complete drop out Salvage yard kits (with PCM and harness) that we build to suit your needs.
 A few of the more popular engines we do are these GM Gen 3 and 4...
LQ4, LQ9, LS1, LS2, LS3, and LT1

We also offer a Propane Engine option designed for the people who want to go with their propane carb setup rather than electronic fuel injection.

Let us provide for you the Power, reliability, longevity, and endurance you need without sacrificing the performance at Low Speed.

We have a good Salvage yard source for Truck engines / Powertrains and can supply them on a limited basis. Call Jeff for more info  423 476 8076


Here are some general examples of what this buggy could look like.  These Rigs were built by Adam Woodlee at Wide Open Design in Murfreesboro, TN and Bryan Cole at Coleworx.  You can learn more about this form of motorsport on the Pirate 4x4 and Hardline Crawlers forums


6 liter Vortec powered Buggies
Super Swamper Bogger Low Speed Engineering Rock mud tube Buggies Chassis
Coleworx Cadillac rock buggy


Here are some pics and news from the local W.E.ROCK course in nearby Dayton, Tn

TSL original Low Speed Engineering Jeep buggy at WErock Jeep at WErock

W.E.rock’s Dayton Tn August night event

Jesse Haines
Jesse Haines drove the most impressive climb of the event. He used all of his supercharged GM power to sprint up the Shootout course lines. After popping an inside bead during the second hillclimb the 37" soft compound competition only Maxxis Trepadors hung on with only the outside beadlock till the end with an amazing upside down finish as the crowd went wild.

Mike Hale
Mike Hale was the first familiar face I saw at the event. He did an amazing job early on in the Shootout nailing the most climbs including a hard one. All of this ended when a broken driveshaft kept him from crawling out of an upside down state he found himself in after an off camber roll.

The Kids
The Jeffers Kids racked up with some really cool body panels off the rigs thanks to the drivers above. Mike Hale signed the panels he ripped off while driving upside down and the Judges gave them away to the kids. Greg Jeffers got a great Birthday present when the Judge gave him a side panel. His Brother Nick Jeffers also scored big with a side panel from Randy Torbetts buggy on a special Sunday visit to Torbett Automotive.

Local Champion
We visit local hometown Hero Randy Torbett. He put East Tn on the map in the Rock Crawling world winning 2 Championships with his home built Budget rig. Randy showed everyone how to blaze new trails in many ways, one of which included using front tractor axles. Using his humble manor he showed the rest of the guys how a Country Boy from Tennessee could think outside the box.... and Win!

Randy Torbett’s idea
Randy Torbett is the Father of the WErock Dayton course. It was Randys idea to blast the rock wall and with the help of his Dynamite friend, He and Kenny Kizzar created the most exciting stop on the WErock tour.  What was the most memorable quote from Randy?  "I like Horsepower" !


XRRA (extreme rock racing association) is another example of a 4x4 vehicle that needs Low Speed manners along with big power in a relatively lightweight combination.

With the current recession everyone is keeping their used vehicle rather than buying new, and spending the money that would otherwise go towards a new vehicle payment on upgrades for their existing vehicle.  One example is this LSE customers daily driver Rubicon TJ.

LSE TJ Rubicon

Rubicon Jeep TJ with lift, stinger bumper, rock sliders, simuilated beadlocks, etc


Vortec powered Sammi
Super Swamper IROK LSE Sammi Buggy Dyno  

97 Jeep Wrangler TJ 4.0
  97 Jeep Wrangler TJ with Teraflex, super swamper IROKs, mickey thompsons,superlift,poison spider and more..
97 Jeep Wrangler TJ with Teraflex, IROKs, mickey thompsons,superlift,poison spider, warn, rockcrusher, 8.8, and more...
1997 Jeep wrangler dyno TJ 258 6 cylinder 5 speed fuel injected with flowmaster exhaust
stock air box vs No air box feeding this Jeep power with the old faithful straight six 4.0 engine
Low Speed Engineering Tires 5" suspension lift and 3" body are perfect for this TJ
strong rear end axle components from Moser engineering
new Zenon flat fender style 6" flares
new Zenon flat fender style 6" flares
Dana 30, true trac, raduis long arm superlift K C High lights Ramsey winch

Jeep 4.0 Dyno


4x4 Event pictures


Old School Toyota Straight axle Rock Crawler
4x4 Off Road, Low Speed Engineering, Rock Crawler, Buggy Engine, KOH, WErock Dayton Tn, dana 44, dana 60, dana 80, 14 bolt, Rockwell, Atlas transfer case, Randys ring and pinion, detroit locker, air locker, e locker, Ox locker, spool, tru track, axle, Buggy Dyno Old School custom built straight axle Toyota truck with a twin stick transfer case and 4" lift a decent amount of torque for this lightweight machine with 35" tires

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