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Off Road





coal creek ORV park


Bimbo's Chicken at the crack of dawn, Black barts clean machine finally left home


Williams slick new paint job shines like new money


Sammy's new wheel rings lookin like beadocks


Sonny airs down with ease


who said great performing Jeeps can't be clean ?


Black Bart takin the super swampers down to 9


Williams Jeep sharp and clean


plenty of character on this Rubicon


safari tops are cool on this brisk morning, oil well fire burning in the wind


all lined up with some place to go


The waterfall trail was the best one we found


Jeep club spectators watching the best action of the day on the creek rocks


Hazzard county car wash


If we were afraid to bend stuff we wouldn't be here...  tie rod vs creek rock...  rock won the battle...


Jeep club won the war   With the help of a winch and a porta power jack we got the tie rod straight enough to ride on


A good place for Windmills   The breeze never stopped the whole time we were there.


The original that started the whole Jeep thing...  Willys MB and Ford GPW we salute you


An old coal mine shaft that has been blasted closed.  The old coal rail cart and rail tracks still survive.



coming soon
 more 4x4 event pix from these great places

Aetna Mtn






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