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Top Speed


This section will highlight our trip to the HOT ROD magazine Top Speed Challenge event in Maxton NC.  Stay tuned for the full story on our experience with the Speed Engineering Twin Turbo Z06 at this event which was hosted by the East Coast Timing Association (ECTA).  The event was held at Maxton's Laurinburg Airport on an abandoned section that was originally used to train WWII glider pilots.  The competition consists of attaining the highest speed in a 1 mile stretch from a standing start.  We met some great folks from the organizers to the participants including those from the ECTA, HotRod magazine,  and Super Viper Systems (SVS).
2002 Z06 Corvette Twin Turbo
The Speed Engineering Z06 driven by Jeff Nance making a standing mile run at the Hot Rod magazine Top Speed Challenge in Maxton N.C. The land speed record in this class was 164 mph and we were not leaving until we topped that... in spite of our 150 mph speed limit imposed by the officials !

With over 900 hp, 150 mph would be no problem to reach from a standing start and only one mile to get there.  This car reached 143 mph in the 1/4 mile at Alabama International Dragway riding on the big chrome wheels.  No doubt it has the potential to gain another 57 mph in the following 3/4 mile.  However the Officials of the event require you to have a trailered race car with all kinds of race equipment (equipment that would make daily driving very UNsafe) before they will allow you to go past 150 mph.  What was the penalty for breaking the speed limit?  Banned from competition for the entire event!  So the record was 164 mph for this class and we were limited to 150 mph...   what to do...  hmm...  The speed timing devices were at the end of the track only so they wouldn't know how fast we were going before we entered the timing lights, therefore we could get up to whatever speed attainable then slow to the 150 limit before passing through the traps.  With this restriction placed on the daily driver Z06, Jeff was able to achieve 176 mph and then slow back down to 165 mph before entering the traps.  This was it.  We broke the Record !  But we were quickly greeted by the Officials with a stern message of disqualification due to Speeding. Banned from Competition at this event.  Speeding at the Top Speed Challenge. How ironic.

Our next trips are planned for the Texas Mile and Mile Marker 1 events in Texas and Florida.


Thank you for visiting Speed Engineering and Dyno's Top Speed Section. We hope this site will help to show you what we can offer for your late model car or truck. We offer many different services ranging from tune-ups to full performance engine builds. If you want the best service and tuning possible, then give us a call or send an e-mail. We will be more than happy to get you a quote on any part or talk with you about a full package. No matter what, Speed Engineering can meet your needs. Whether it is an aftermarket cold air intake, a Speed Engineering custom built 4" cat-back exhaust, a 400 RWHP bolt-on only X-Package, or a 427+ cubic inch blown monster. You have found the right place!

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