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"When it comes to performance 80 lbs can equal 10 horsepower"
Of course this varies with the power to weight ratio your car falls into, but for the most common street car power to weight ratio of 8.5 lbs/ hp this statement is true.
The static weight of a vehicle has a direct effect on its performance.  This is definitely an area where less is more.
How well the weight is distributed in your vehicle can have significant effects on the performance, handling and traction while you are using your power.  The better your weight distribution the more likely you are to be able to use ALL of your power.
The dynamic forces acting on the rear end of a vehicle during a launch form a dead stop can cause un-equal opposite suspension forces to allow one drive tire to see more downward force i.e. traction) than the opposite drive tire.  By preloading the one that sees less downward force we can equalize that opposite force and therefore equalize the traction of both drive tires.  This keeps the car straight, safe, and quicker from the launch to the end of the run.  Scaling the car allows us to know what the current pre-load is and to calculate what the desired pre-load should be.


These are all great reasons to come and let us weigh your car accurately.  We have Digital Scales capable of measuring the vehicle weight at each wheel to within 1 lb accuracy.  This is great for verifying weight removal, achieving proper preload on the rear tires, and discovering and modifying the front/rear weight distribution.

Basic Weigh  $ 40

Adjusting Pre-load  $ 80/hr

Other suspension adjustments  $ 80/hr

Ask about club "weigh day" discounts


Thank you for visiting Speed Engineering's Digital Scales Section.

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